update 13/10/2015

After years of experience in the transport sector, more specifically in bulk transport, we established the "Spoelhal Rosteyne" in the Rosteyne Industrial Estate in Zelzate in 1993. Our company features a modern and unique rinsing hall and truck wash for internal and external cleaning.

It goes without saying that we are a recognised member of the CTC (Tank Cleaning Commission).

The deployment of our installations is entirely tailored to the quality and safety demands of the customer. Very close attention is paid to the craftsmanship, the safety behaviour and the environmental awareness of the employees and of all other persons involved in the execution of the order. For that purpose we have drawn up a company manual containing regulations and procedures that comply with the criteria and standards of EN ISO 9001, SQAS tank cleaning stations and the applicable legislation and rules. These high quality demands are reflected in the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate (BEL 09000990 of 24/03/2009) and the SQAS cleaning assessment (no. 26164 of 23/03/2011).

Employees of "Spoelhal Rosteyne" are highly motivated and are involved in a high-quality business organisation through a sound approach with an adequate permanent suitability, quality and safety control, so that they are capable of meeting the demands and expectations of the order. They are skilled employees who were given further training so as to master the latest techniques to execute the orders while paying full attention to quality and safety of their work. Internally and externally clear and comprehensible communication and information methods are used. The pursuit of constant quality and safety improvement is a priority.


De Vleesschauwer bvba Industriezone Rosteyne 2 B-9060 Zelzate
[T] +32 (0)9 342 81 82 & +32 (0)9 342 78 68 [F] +32 (0)9 342 93 46
[KBO] BE 0416 920 549 [email] info@spoelhalrosteyne.be