De Vleesschauwer bvba

Tank cleaning

4 washing machines for internal cleaning:

  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Computer-controlled revolving rinse jets (6 per path)
  • Washing programmes according to type of cargo.
  • Cleaning with cold/warm water up to 90°C.
  • Possibility to dose the alkaline cleansing agent, acidic cleansing agent and disinfectant.
  • Air duct cleaning with cold/warm water and if so desired with cleansing agent.
  • Cleaning of filters, suction devices.
  • Large hot-air blower for drying the bulk trucks immediately after the cleaning.
  • Dryer with micro-filters approved for the food industry.
  • Quality assurance system in accordance with HACCP and GMP standards.
  • ATP measurement.
  • Sealing of bulk trucks.
  • Cleaning pursuant to applicable standards.
  • Washing machine meets HACCP standards.
  • European cleaning document (ECD).